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  1. 28 NOVEMBER 2014 “Eyes a man could drown in’: Disguise and Falsehood in Fowles.” International Marginalised Mainstream: Disguise Conference. University of London, UNITED KINGDOM

  2. 28 SEPTEMBER 2018 “Academic Pedagogy vs. Clinical Praxis: A Critique of the Concept of ‘Teaching’ in Lacan.” 2018 International Lacan Écrits Conference. Ghent University, BELGIUM.

  3. 9 AUGUST 2019 "'Holocaste?' Holocaust and the Caste Question." International Panel on Actors of Transnational Memory. Bergen-Belsen International Summer School, Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen, GERMANY. 

  4. 17 AUGUST 2019 “Hijra as an Uncanny Other: A Psychosocial Reading of Transgender Autobiographies from India.” International Conference on The Uncanny in Language, Literature, and Culture. Birkbeck, University of London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  5. 30 OCTOBER 2021 "Dalit Resistance in Times of Bengal Renaissance: Five Untouchable Thinker-Reformers from Colonial Bengal." Online International Conference on Anti-Caste Thought: Theory, Politics and Culture. University of Wolverhampton, UNITED KINGDOM. 

  6. 12 APRIL 2022 "Religion As Anti-Caste Politics? An Ambedkarite Critique of The Egalitarianism of The Matuas of Bengal."  72nd PSA Annual International Conference (Online). Political Studies Association, UNITED KINGDOM. 

  7. 5 NOVEMBER 2022 "Provincializing the Bard: William Shakespeare - Natural Genius or Imperial Product?" Online International Conference (Online) on Ruptures and Resilience: English Studies in the Now. North South University, BANGLADESH.

  8. 14 JANUARY 2023 "Transcending Diasporic Casteism: Reflections on Caste Discrimination in the Indian Diaspora."  International Interdisciplinary Conference on Rethinking Transcendental Approaches in Science, Technology and the Humanities: Revisiting the Problems of Human Existence in the 21st Century. Nagpur University, INDIA.



  1. 17 JULY 2022 "Anticaste Movements in Colonial Bengal: Claims of Recognition and Redistribution." (Online). Nagpur Association for Social and Economic Equality, Maharashtra, INDIA.

  2. 14 APRIL 2022 "Recognition vs. Redistribution: The Great Poundra Divide in Colonial Bengal." (Online). Society for Research Alternatives, West Bengal, INDIA.

  3. 2 JULY 2021 "Why Hamlet is a Tragedy of Desire." (Online). Malda College, West Bengal, INDIA.

  4. 16 JUNE 2021 "Was Joyce Psychotic?" (Online).  Adamas University, West Bengal, INDIA.

  5. 23 MAY 2021 “Ten Features of Dalit Literature.” (Online). Ghumusur Sahitya Sansad, Odisha, INDIA.

  6. 23 FEBRUARY 2021 “Importance of Lacan’s ‘The Family Complexes.’” (Online). Midnapore College (Autonomous), West Bengal, INDIA.

  7. 15 DECEMBER 2020 “Was Marx Wrong?: Rethinking Marxism and Persistence of Caste in India.” (Online). S. N. College, Chempazhathy, Kerala, INDIA.

  8. 28 SEPTEMBER 2020 “Theorizing Regressive Progressivism: Caste and Modernity in Bhimayana and Beyond.” (Online). Krishnagar Government College, West Bengal, INDIA.

  9. 29 NOVEMBER 2019 “Žižek Contra Miller: Remarks on the Hermeneutic Challenges of Lacanian Psychoanalysis.” Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, West Bengal, INDIA.

  10. 3 JANUARY 2019 “Psychoanalysis and the Question of Language: Revisiting Jacques Lacan’s ‘Rome Discourse.’” Winter School, Department of English, West Bengal, INDIA.

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